Hear Galloway in the Morning on SCOT FM in a GREAT windup to the webmaster of this site.SCOT-FM Windup Call

thanks to Stewart, this was played live over Scotland.

The whole site was started due to some crazy bint on the A92 cutting me off then almost losing control of her car. I slowly pulled up beside her to check that she was okay and guess what; the daft bint had a brush in one hand, mobile in the other hand while trying to look for a CD!!!

It was at this point, all due to some daft bint I could have been involved in an accident and by the looks of things, she was totally unaware (probably thinking of what to make for dinner). It was at that moment I thought if all women were driving Pink Cars, we would know in advance to give them a wide berth. That's when PinkCar.co.uk was born, I came home and decided to make a site into the Pink Car Theory and I was interested if other blokes felt the same.

Once I had the site up and running, I received thousands of hate-mail but it was encouraging to hear for like-minded men that they thought the same. A month later PinkCar.co.uk was the hot topic of Scot-FM complete with the typical windup call from Galloway in the Morning. Below you can play this windup call but it does require Windows Media Player. 

Techie stuff

(no need for bints to read this stuff)

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  • File Size: 635Kb
  • Audio Codec: MPEG Audio Layer-3 20Kbps
  • Bit rate: 24 Kbps
  • Length: 4min 3sec