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Why drive to the shops (and properly cause an accident) when you can shop here. Check out our latest offers..

Pink Rubix Cube

Maybe, just maybe you can solve this pink rubix cube!


2005 Girly Map of Britain

At last, a map that bints can read...


Blue Car Owners Manual

Own a blue car? Then this manual is for you!


High Tide Heels

Very popular in Gloucester.



New from BLACK & DECKER, this handy Hammer and Screwdriver Set. Now you might be able to put up your own shelves.



New from BINTS, the woman’s USB mouse, comes with a handy 400 page Manuel to make sure you plug it in to the USB slot and not the CDROM drive.


Accelerator Box

No more causing accidents due to your foot slipping off the accelerator pedal. This handy Accelerator Box has been proven to reduce slippage.


MAXIM 2000 Girlfriend Remote

For the Man how has everything, why not buy him this and be even more useful around the house.

The Ultimate in Women's Body Piercing

Men all over the country are urging their wives and sweethearts to get this 'chic' procedure even at a cost of thousands it's well worth it…

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