The Pink Car Theory

dedicated to all the blokes (and some bints) who believe in the Pink Car Theory..

We believe that the following rules should be applied in the UK and the Government should stand up and take notice.

When us blokes drive we always have our eyes on the road, looking for any hidden dangers which could cause an accident with the exception of "a nice looking bint in a short skirt" walking along.

Women Drivers are always too busy checking their makeup, thinking if they need sugar or what she'll make for tea.

If all women drove pink cars that would give us "the blokes" a visual warning and we can give them a wide berth.

The Basic Rules

so simply, even a bint will understand.

  • All women drivers should drive only Pink Cars
  • All cars sold to women should not be above 1.4cc
  • All women should re-sit their test every year
  • No women will be allowed to use any roundabouts
  • Are not allowed to use petrol pumps (find out why)

If you have any more rules you would like to add, please let us know... if we like it you may see it up here very soon.

Hear Galloway in the Morning on SCOT FM in a GREAT windup to the webmaster of this was featured on Scot-FM as a wind-up call. I totally fell for this. Many thanks to Stewart for putting the site forward for this wind-up. Click here to play.

I saw this on Smack the Pony tonight and I thought it was perfect for